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Your pets are our family here at Edmonton South Animal Hospital! As a full-service veterinary hospital, we can provide all of the services your pets need to get healthy, stay healthy and handle any illnesses, injuries or emergencies that arise. Dr. Ignacio Tan is our licensed veterinarian in Edmonton, and he treats all kinds of animals. Naturally, our services are geared towards preventative care; but if your pets show signs of illness or injury, our state-of-the art facilities enable us to handle any emergency or illness. If your pet is in trouble, call us at 780.989.5595.

Services at our Animal Hospital in Edmonton

Our animal hospital in Edmonton provides all of the services necessary to keep pets happy and healthy. Our comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere ensures that every member of the family is welcome and that pets enjoy coming to their appointments for:

Pet Vaccinations — From the time your pet is about 8 weeks old, he or she will need pet vaccinations to prevent the most common, contagious, and deadly diseases pets can catch. Keeping your pets up-to-date on vaccinations is one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to make sure they are protected from pain and suffering and develop a strong immunity. Talk with our veterinarian in Edmonton about your pets’ vaccination schedules!

Spay & Neuter — These safe, routine surgeries do more than just help reduce the ongoing tragedy of unwanted animals stuck in shelters; they can also extend and improve your pet’s quality of life! Our extended hours, high-tech surgical suite and pain management procedures spay and neuter surgeries as easy on you and your pets as possible!

Pet Dental — Nearly 80% of pets struggle with some level of periodontal disease, which can be painful and even cause organ damage. Our experienced pet dentist can treat and prevent pet dental problems and show you how you can care for your pets’ teeth at home.

Pet Surgery — Dr. Ignacio Tan is very experienced and our staff is well-trained to provide any pet surgery necessary: from routine spay and neuter operations to emergency surgeries, lumpectomies, orthopedic surgeries, and more. We have invested in the latest pet surgery technologies and training to make every operation as successful as possible.

X-Rays and In-House Diagnostics Tools — With digital X-rays, ultrasound and an in-house laboratory, our animal hospital in Edmonton is equipped to make fast, accurate veterinary care decisions without waiting for test results to come in from other locations. Combining this with our electronic records system, we can transfer test results throughout the hospital and out to specialists as necessary.

Our Edmonton South Animal Hospital team is eager to meet you and your pets! Contact us to ask any questions or to schedule an appointment today.

At Edmonton South Animal Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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