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Adopt a Pet in Edmonton, Alberta

If you and your family are considering bringing a pet into your family, Edmonton South Animal Hospital encourages you to adopt a pet from a local pet rescue or shelter. Here in Edmonton, hundreds of loving and lonely pets are in pet shelters looking for forever homes. Yes, if you are considering adding a furry friend to your family, we urge you to visit one of the area's pet shelters to adopt a cat or dog, rather than supporting what are likely illegal, puppy mills.

If you're looking for a new pet family member don't buy one, adopt! Learn about pet adoption in Edmonton; call our animal hospital at 780-666-7374!

Our Veterinarian in Edmonton Explains Pet Adoption Misconceptions

Some people have the mistaken perception that when they adopt a dog or cat from a shelter, they are somehow getting a “damaged” animal. They may believe all of these animals are strays, picked off the street, or animals that were abused or will have behavioral issues. In a great many cases these adoptable pets come from owned animals who weren't spay or neutered and were brought in for adoption. Others may have been well cared for but may have just gotten lost. In some cases, owners simply surrender their pets for their own personal reasons. In any case, you should not pre-judge adoption animals without paying a visit to your local animal shelter. You can make a big difference in the life of these precious animals.

Adoption is a Responsible Choice for Edmonton

Adopting a pet is a responsible way to bring a cat or dog into your family. Rather than promoting puppy mills that care little for the health and care of animals, you are supporting people who care about about animals. You are encouraging their efforts to find homes for these pets. You can send a message for responsible pet ownership in Edmonton when you adopt a pet from a shelter.

The Role of Your Edmonton South Veterinarian in Your Pet Adoption

Getting a pet is a long-term decision. That's why you should carefully consider your lifestyle, work schedule, and living situation when choosing a pet to adopt. You should also consider your pet's food and healthcare costs. This is where our veterinarians at Edmonton South Animal Hospital can be of assistance. We love working with families who have adopted a pet! We'll give your pet an initial wellness exam and make sure they are on an appropriate vaccination schedule. We can help you make good nutritional choices to help ensure your new family member has a healthy, happy life. If you acquire a pet from any source, we encourage you to promptly make an appointment at your Edmonton South veterinary clinic at Edmonton South Animal Hospital.

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Edmonton to Learn More about Adopting a Pet!

this is a photo of marti, a cat that's been adopted through our south Edmonton veterinarianIf you have questions about adopting a pet, we invite you to talk to one our caring team members at Edmonton South Animal Hospital. Call us at 780.989.5595. Edmonton South Animal Hospital is located at 3823 99 Street NW in Edmonton, Alberta. When you adopt a pet it can be heartwarming and rewarding. Make sure you get your pet off to a healthy start with Edmonton South Animal Hospital.