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Veterinary Medical Services at Edmonton South Animal Hospital

From spay and neuter surgery to emergency veterinary care, Edmonton South Animal Hospital provides high-quality medical services with a compassionate, caring touch. Thanks to our in-house diagnostics equipment including radiology (X-rays), ultrasonography (also known as ultrasound) and ECG screens, we have access to immediate diagnostic results. This information allows us to make critical care decisions at a moment’s notice that can save your pet’s life.

In-House Lab & Digital Radiography for Prompt Diagnosis and Treatment

Edmonton South Animal Hospital has a complete in-house lab that allows us to perform urinalysis, parasite identification, fungal cultures and blood chemistry panel testing. We also maintain a close relationship with the IDEXX reference lab and the University of Guelph Animal Health Laboratory. Should more complicated testing or a more comprehensive lab result analysis be required, Edmonton South Animal Hospital works with these state-of-the-art laboratories for prompt evaluation and diagnostic treatment response.

Radiology is one of the most in-demand medical services offered by our experienced diagnostic team. X-rays help our veterinarians identify health problems affecting your pet and rule out possible causes. We may also take X-rays during a routine wellness exam to diagnose early-stage health problems before more obvious symptoms are evident. X-rays provide valuable information about your pet’s bones, gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines and colon), respiratory tract (lungs), heart, bladder and prostate. Depending on your pet’s health condition, radiography may be used alone or in conjunction with other diagnostic tests for comprehensive health assessment and evaluation.

Edmonton South Animal Hospital uses digital radiography, which means that the X-ray images are recorded digitally using a computer rather than film. This technology allows for a faster diagnosis of potential health problems that are affecting your pet while minimize exposure to radiation. Digital X-rays can be immediately view using a computer and are easily sent to other veterinarians should a secondary opinion or specialist review is necessary.

ECG screens assess a pet’s cardiac risk when placed under sedation via anesthesia. Our veterinary hospital is equipped with the IDEXX ECG tele-transmitter that sends an ECG reading for interpretation by board certified veterinary cardiologist. Your pet’s ECG results will be evaluated in conjunction with your pet’s medical history. The report will provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations. Routine ECG reports are available within 24 hours. These reports are issued for pets that will be undergoing anesthesia in conjunction with an upcoming operation or need to receive heartworm treatment. For urgent pet surgery evaluation, a one-hour phone callback is available. In critical cases, immediate reading is available with a telephone call back in minutes.

Our veterinary team understands that when your pet is sick or in pain, nothing is more important that identifying the cause for this discomfort and taking prompt steps to improve your pet’s health. Our medical services, in-house lab and advanced diagnostic exams give our veterinary team the tools they need to promptly and accurately assess your pet’s health condition and take immediate treatment steps.

For more information on our veterinary medical services, call us today at 780.989.5595.