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Pet Dental Care in Edmonton Alberta

Dental disease can lead to pain, cavities, tooth loss and bad breath. All these problems can negatively impact your pet's quality of life. Keeping your pet's teeth clean can help prevent dental disease. At Edmonton South Animal Hospital, we help pets in Edmonton Alberta maintain healthy teeth and gums. If you're a pet owner in Edmonton, we encourage you to bring in your pet for regular dental checkups.

Pet Dental Care in Edmonton Alberta from Edmonton South Animal Hospital

Warning Signs of Dental Disease in Edmonton

Being able to recognize the signs of dental disease is important. Once you've seen the signs of dental disease in your pet, take your pet to the animal hospital right away. This will help ensure that your pet gets the treatment he or she needs to avoid gum disease. Signs of dental disease include:

  • Red, inflamed gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Stains on the teeth and gums
  • Bad breath
  • Loose, missing or cracked teeth
  • Difficulty chewing or eating hard foods
  • Reluctance to eat

Veterinary Help for Pets with Dental Disease

At Edmonton South Animal Hospital, we help pets maintain healthy teeth and gums with the following services:

  • Dental exams. During our dental exams, we'll check your pet's teeth for plaque and signs of dental disease. If we find discover that your pet has plaque buildup, gum disease, infection or other problems, we'll make recommendations for treatment and cleaning as needed.
  • Dental cleaning. During our tooth cleaning services, we'll scrape the plaque off of your pet's teeth. We'll also polish the enamel to prevent food particles from sticking to your pet's teeth after meals.
  • Cavity fillings. Cavity fillings help stop the spread of tooth decay and can prevent your pet from experiencing a tooth ache.
  • Tooth extractions. Sometimes a pet's tooth cannot be saved. Tooth extractions can help pets experiencing tooth infections.

What You Can Do for Your Pet in Edmonton

As a pet owner, you can help your pet by brushing his or her teeth every day. Daily brushings can prevent plaque buildup and keep your pet's breath smelling fresh. To brush your pet's teeth, use a toothbrush formulated for pets, and toothpaste made for pets as well. Toothpaste made for people is toxic to pets, so never give your pet your toothpaste.

In addition to brushing your pet's teeth, you can also use the following products to improve your pet's dental health:

  • Water additives. These products help your pet maintain fresh breath and can also help break up plaque.
  • Dental chews. Dental chews help break up plaque and clean your pet's teeth.
  • Dental cleaning chew toys. Some chew toys are designed to clean your pet's teeth as he or she gnaws and chews.

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Edmonton

At your pet's animal hospital in Edmonton, we help pets maintain healthy teeth and gums. If your pet is displaying signs of gum disease or dental distress, contact your pet's Edmonton South Animal Hospital at 780.989.5595.