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Terra Losa Animal Clinic: We Love Your Pets Too!

Terra Losa

As a loving pet owner, you want the very best for those special animals in your life -- and that's just what we aim to provide here at Terra Losa Animal Clinic, for the simple reason that we love pets as much as you do. Under the experienced leadership of our Edmonton veterinarians we do our utmost to bring each and every one of our patients the highest standard of skilled, compassionate veterinary care, from routine "maintenance" to emergency treatment. We also take great joy in helping you help your pets by advising and educating you on how to provide the best possible home care.

Veterinary Services at Our Edmonton Animal Hospital

As a primary care provider for your pet, Terra Losa Animal Clinic offers a wide range of veterinary services for all situations and stages of life. These veterinary services include:

  • Emergency Care - We can provide all kinds of emergency care, from poison ingestion and heat stroke treatment to emergency surgery on bones and internal organs. If an emergency occurs on a day when we happen to be closed, we can direct you to our partner clinics, Edmonton South Animal Hospital or Guardian Veterinary Centre.
  • Wellness Care - Regular wellness exams help us catch little health issues before they turn into major concerns. We can provide different types and frequencies of exams for baby animals, adults and senior pets. We also provide vaccinations, pest/parasite control and other preventative procedures to help your pet stay happy and healthy for life.
  • Spay and Neuter Surgery - Spay and neuter surgery can actually help keep your pet well by eliminating the risks for reproductive cancers, lowering the risks for certain other diseases, and preventing the heat-inspired compulsive and aggressive behaviors that can lead to danger. It also keeps your home from turning into a nursery, helping to control the larger animal population in the process.
  • Pet Dental Care - Pets need healthy teeth and gums just as humans do. We can administer periodic dental checkups and deep cleanings under anesthesia to protect your pet against the ravages of periodontal disease, while also checking the oral cavity for possible cancer or tooth damage. If your pet requires dental treatment, we are more than happy to provide it.
  • Senior pet care - As your pet gets older, the risk for chronic pain and illness gets higher. We can monitor your elderly friend's health closely and prescribe dietary changes, exercise plans, pain medication and other care as necessary to optimize his quality of life.

Experience the Difference at Terra Losa Animal Clinic

If you've always wanted your pets to have a veterinarian who was also their trusted friend, you owe it to your beloved pets to bring them to Terra Losa Animal Clinic. Call (780) 484-1178 to schedule an initial visit. We look forward to meeting you!

Terra Losa Animal Clinic

17248 95 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5T 6P1

Phone: (780) 484-1178 
Fax: (780)-484-1192
Email: contact@terralosavet.com

Hours of Operation:

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri  8am - 6pm
Thursday 8am - 7pm
Saturday 9 am - 12:30pm